MY Neighbor Girl

The sensation he felt was beyond description, not only to his penis which was receiving world class attention, but his entire body was hot as blood coursed through his veins with rapid-fire precision. Fully naked, Yackeline embraced Billy with her warm body and began sucking on his neck and face before locking her lips on his. He squeezed her tits, smaller than Jade’s but perkier, and rubbed on her hard nipples that poked out like erasers on the end of a pencil.

Working his penis over like a professional, Jade slurped and sucked on it as Billy now inserted two fingers into her friend’s wet pussy. Yackeline pressed her hand over his to increase the pressure on her mound while she rocked her hips back and forth. “Mmm…that feels great, Billy,” she whispered in his ear. “Keep moving your fingers inside me…yeah, like that.”


Part 1

Billy lay on the bed with the fingers of his left hand wrapped firmly around his hard dick, tugging ferociously toward an expected climax. This was a typical, daily occurrence for him. In fact, his day wasn’t complete until he whacked off at least once, usually more. In all honesty, jerking off was Billy’s favorite activity as he could never quite seem to keep his hands off his penis, like every other eighteen-year-old boy in high school. Every guy Billy knew yanked their chain, and if they said otherwise they were lying. At least, he assumed they did because of all the joking that went on about jerking off on any given day. How could they not masturbate? Clearly, it was the greatest feeling in the world as nothing quite equaled the sensation of your dick as it exploded with hot cum.

Listening to music as he lay on his bed, Billy recalled those times with Jade, which now seemed so long ago. He had been in the 7th and 8th grades at the time while she was already in high school. It occurred to him that while it didn’t seem unusual at the time, now as a senior he couldn’t imagine asking someone three years younger than him to skate together during a couples dance. Yet, on several of those occasions they had even kissed, after making their way to one of the four corners of the roller rink set aside as resting places. There were long benches attached to the wall and chairs for kids to skate out and take a break. Usually, though, those dark places presented the perfect hiding spot for people looking to kiss, mess around, and, if they were really daring, fuck.

Billy remembered the first time he kissed Jade. It had been on one of those benches in the corner of the roller rink hidden in the dark. He had been in the 8th grade and she was asking him if he was excited to be going into high school the next year. When he turned to respond, his face smacked right into hers and they shared an awkward first kiss. Still, most times after that, when they skated together they would end up in one of those corners and their kissing got better. Sadly, that was all they had ever done and, all too soon, Billy was in high school and Jade graduated. And that, as they say, was that.

Pick Me Home

Through the years, with Jade living next door to him, Billy had gotten an opportunity to see parts of her naked body a couple times. Once, while over at her house playing video games with Tony, Billy had to use the bathroom. Even though the door was closed, he turned the knob and walked in to see Jade sitting on the toilet. The first thing he noticed – the only thing he noticed – was her patch of bushy pubic hair as he stood in the doorway staring at it. Thankfully, Jade only laughed as she politely told him to get out, which he had done immediately. But he thought of her black bush as he continued to pull on himself.

He also thought about the time they were swimming in her pool and how her bikini top fell off as she jumped out of the water. When Jade turned around, kneeling to retrieve her bathing suit from the water, her tits jingled together right in front of him. Once again, he was rooted to the spot ogling her boobs while she giggled and quickly covered herself. As far as Billy was concerned, she had the greatest set of tits in the world. Then again, it wasn’t like he had many others to compare them with.

When Billy decided to get up and glance out his bedroom window, which conveniently overlooked his neighbor’s driveway, he spotted Jade’s car. What the hell is she doing home, he wondered? The semester’s not over yet. Then she was there, walking out the front door and heading to her car to retrieve something. She looked up to see the top half of Billy staring at her and she immediately smiled at him and waved. Billy waved back in an embarrassed way, knowing he had been busted spying. Fuck, he thought, I’m a dope.

Dressing quickly, he decided to go over and say hello. When he walked outside and advanced across the lawn, Jade was still rummaging around the back of her car. “Hey,” he yelled to her as he approached. “What the hell are you doing here? It’s not summer yet.”

Jade backed out of her car and smiled radiantly at him, “Hi Billy. I just needed to bring some things home. I didn’t feel like leaving it all until the end of the semester.”

“Oh. Can I help you with anything?” he responded, walking over to stand next to her.

“You’re so sweet,” she answered, flashing that toothy grin of hers. She handed him a box, “Here. You can carry this.”


Jade looked at him and then a knowing smile spread across her face as she said, “This is the first time in quite a while since you’ve been in my room, isn’t it?” Billy didn’t know what to say. Caught again you stupid asshole, he said to himself. He could only smile awkwardly at her as she reached out to take the box from him. Placing it on the floor and sitting down on her bed, she patting the space next to her for him to sit, “Come here.”

Billy obediently sat down next to her but could only look down at the floor. Jade reached up and started to rub his back with her hand which automatically caused his penis to stir noticeably. “Sorry. I should go,” he uttered nervously.

As Billy began to rise, Jade grabbed his right arm and pulled him back down on the bed, “Don’t go, Billy. You don’t have to be embarrassed, okay?” When he turned to look at her she continued, “I know you like me. I’ve always known. It’s okay. I’m flattered and always have been.”

She leaned closer to Billy’s face and their lips met, igniting a passion neither one expected. Billy couldn’t help himself as he wrapped his arms around Jade and pulled her close to him while his tongue danced with hers and explored the inside of her mouth. She gripped him in her arms as their lips moved together, a growing desire to explore more erupting inside her.

After several minutes of impassioned kissing they parted and sat back on the bed and looked at each other. Both were wide-eyed with surprise at the intensity of the moment. Billy spoke first, “I’m sorry. I…um…I probably shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t be silly,” Jade quickly cut him off. “We should have done that a long time ago. Besides, I wanted to kiss you.” Then after a slight pause when he didn’t respond, “You’re a really good kisser, Billy.”

He sheepishly smiled up at her and slightly chuckling, “Thanks. You are too.”

Sitting quietly for a bit, both absorbed in their own thoughts, Jade finally asked, “Have you ever been with a girl, Billy?” When he looked over at her, those beautiful big brown eyes of hers staring right at him, he seemed confused, so she added gently, “What I mean is…have you ever slept with a girl?”

Billy hesitated, wondering whether to lie or just tell the truth. He probably could have lied to any other girl, but with Jade he settled for the truth.  “No,” he answered, slowly shaking his head.

“I see. Well, don’t be embarrassed, Billy,” she added quickly. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Although, I am surprised. You’re a very handsome guy.”

“Thanks,” he responded meekly as the color of his cheeks turned crimson and his eyes remained fixed on her beautiful face. He wasn’t sure what to do or whether he should stay or go. He had all he could do just to swallow.

Jade sat next to him and began to gently rub his back. Then, with her mind made up she offered sheepishly, not wanting to sound like a slut, “Um…would you like to sleep with me?”

Billy sprang straight up and his head jerked to stare directly at her, considering whether or not she was serious. “What?” he said with utter disbelief.

She reacted by giggling, and then moved her hand from his back to rest on his right leg. “I asked if you would like to sleep with me.”

“Are you serious?” he asked in obvious wonder, moving his eyes from her face to her breasts and back up again to see her smiling at him.

Jade watched as his eyes roamed and hers grew wider in anticipation of what possibly lie ahead, “Yes. I’m very serious, Billy.” Then she leaned in close to him again to whisper in his ear, “Let’s have sex. It’ll be fun.”

Billy didn’t know if he was going to piss, puke or shit as his insides erupted in a flurry of activity and his heart began to race. He continued to stare at her in amazement, unable to believe or accept what she had said to him. She can’t be serious, he thought. He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words. Finally, all he could manage was a feeble, “Okay.”

This prompted another outward giggle from Jade as she stood up to face him, “We can’t do it here, though, because Tony will be home soon and I really don’t feel like explaining anything to my little brother. Can we go over to your house?” Billy nodded, still rooted to the spot and apparently unable to move. Jade took him by the hands and nodded her head toward the door, “Come on then.”

They walked back down her hall and out the front door, crossing the lawn to Billy’s house. Opening the door for her, Jade walked in and moved to the side to allow Billy to lead the way. They proceeded up the stairs to the first room on the left. When they were inside, Billy turned and locked the door, then faced the only girl he had ever had a crush on.

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Jade was smiling at him, teeth everywhere, with her blonde hair sloping down her back. She reached out and took him by both hands to pull him closer. They embraced and immediately resumed kissing. Slow at first, deliberate, and then becoming more passionate as they grew more comfortable and their hands began exploring each other. Jade slid her hands down Billy’s back, squeezed his ass, and then worked her way to his front. She rested on his bulging pants and squeezed again. As Billy’s lips were locked with Jade’s, he roamed down the front of her shirt to caress her right breast.

Linked together in a tight embrace for some time, their lips smacked together, tongues darted about, and hands roamed freely over the other as hormones raged and the excitement built up.

When they separated Jade told him, “You taste just the same as you did when we used to kiss at the roller rink. Except you’re a much better kisser now,” her eyes sparkling as she looked at him. Stepping back to pull the shirt over her head, she exposed her beautiful breasts trapped inside their protective harness. Still smiling at him, Jade reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor as her boobs jiggled in response to her movement. She stepped forward, took Billy by his hands again and placed them on her soft creamy chest, “Go ahead, Billy, touch me.”

For someone with little to no experience with the opposite sex, Billy handled her tits like an expert as he slowly touched and fondled them in his hands, pressing them gently and rubbing his thumbs on her hardening nipples as she let out a soft moan.

“You feel great, Jade,” he said, continuing his manual exploration of her breasts.

As Billy rubbed and played with her sculpted tits, Jade slipped out of her shoes and unhooked the button of her pants to let them slither to the floor. She stepped backwards again to wriggle out of her jeans, and then bent over to remove her socks. With Billy’s complete attention focused on her increasingly bare body, Jade slipped her fingers inside her purple panties and pulled them down. She promptly kicked them away. Standing naked before him, Billy could only stare with fascination at this gorgeous specimen of a human being. “Jesus Christ, Jade,” he said. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled broadly at him, “You’re so sweet,” then stepped forward again to embrace him with her nude frame. She wanted him to feel her – all of her – and she delighted in his attention and his innocence. They began kissing once more, urgently this time as Jade’s hands began touching Billy all over. When they broke apart she said, “It’s your turn, Billy. I want to see you naked,” as she loosened his belt while slowly moving her hips back and forth over his bulging package.

Billy kicked off his shoes and yanked the shirt off his body while Jade unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to expose the stiff boner hidden inside his briefs. She rubbed her hand over his bulge as he stepped out of his pants and flicked them in the corner with his foot, then she squeezed his hard-on before reaching inside to slide the underwear down his legs. When Billy stepped out of his briefs he stood before Jade with a rigid 8-inch cock pulsing in front of her like a conductor’s baton.

Pick Me Home

“Whoa, Billy,” she spoke with amazement and delight. “I’m impressed. You’re all full of surprises today.”

As they embraced completely naked, their hands explored with a renewed interest to feel the sensation of each other’s body. Billy cupped and played with Jade’s breasts as she gripped his dick in her hand, stroking it gently while fondling his scrotum. As their patting and caressing continued they moaned from the pleasure each was providing the other.

Jade knelt down in front of Billy, taking his long rod in her hands to inspect it at close range as he could only smile and await the pleasure of her mouth. She ran her hands over his entire shaft, taking in his size and girth, then she licked the tip of his penis and slowly placed it in her wet and waiting mouth as Billy exhaled very loudly.

Jade had certainly given a blowjob before, which was evident the moment Billy’s dick touched her mouth as she worked it over like a pro. On her knees before him, she took his full member in her mouth sucking back and forth as his prick got wetter and hotter. Jade gently played and tugged on his balls with her left hand while her right stroked his dick as she sucked him.

Billy could only stand there to receive her services, but the longer she continued the weaker he seemed to become until his knees started shaking. Jade could feel the slight vibration as her mouth remained fixed to his cock, and she lowered her hands to place them on his limbs in an attempt to ease him a bit. Billy began to slowly move his hips back and forth in harmony with her sucking. Jade slid her hands up to grab his ass, squeezing it, and Billy quickened his tempo to fuck her face as he placed his hands on her bobbing head.

With her palms firmly on his ass cheeks while he pumped her mouth, Jade could tell it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load. Just then, Billy moaned loudly as hot sperm hit the back of her throat in several large spasms. She felt the slick goo slide down her throat, tasting his sweetness as it did. Jade sucked him clean as she drained his tank, while Billy continued to lightly groan. When she swallowed all his seed, she took his shrinking dick in her hands and licked the tip with her tongue one last time.

Standing up, Jade faced a dumbfounded looking Billy who was struggling to breath. She grinned openly at him, took him in her arms and kissed him passionately. He could taste the flavor of his nut-juice in her mouth and found that he didn’t mind it.

When they broke apart, Billy said, “Holy fuck, Jade. That was great.”

“Yes it was,” she responded quietly, moving her hands up and down his arms. She took hold of his left arm and pulled him over to the bed, where she laid down. Billy had never been in the presence of a naked girl before, but he could not imagine ever gazing upon a more beautiful vision than the one that lay in front of him now. Jade’s nude body was lying in the middle of his bed. Her hands grabbed at her tits and her legs rubbed back and forth on themselves. She ran her fingers over her bare body, down her stomach and over her small pubic patch to rub her clit.

Billy just stood there enjoying the show as Jade played with her body, until she looked up expectantly at him with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t need to say a thing as Billy lowered himself down on top of her to lick, kiss and suck her tits. Grabbing both of them in his hands, his mouth sucked and tugged on one nipple and then the other. Moving down, he kissed her stomach and her inner thighs before Jade spread her legs wide to allow him access to her pussy.

Billy wasted no time as he dug his tongue into her wet hole, licking with a fervency of someone who had been waiting too fucking long to have this experience. As his tongue darted in an out of Jade’s pussy, flicking and tickling her clit for good measure, she arched her back as her fingers ran through his hair. “Oh, my God, Billy…yes,” she groaned. “Mmmmm…yesssss.” He ran his two middle fingers through her wet labia before gradually working them inside her. As his fingers slid back and forth, Billy continued to lick on her pussy, sucking her juices as her moaning grew louder. Her mustiness turned him on and he inhaled her scent while lapping up her flavor. The rhythm and pace quickened as Jade could feel the familiar sensation that led to climax.

She arched her back more, screaming, “Oh…Billy...oh, my God.” Jade lifted her head to watch him eat her out. Propping herself up on her right elbow, she pulled Billy’s face deeper into her snatch with her left hand as she came, “Yes...oh, yes...that’s it. Fuck, yeah…” Jade grinded her hips into Billy’s mouth as his unrelenting tongue refused to cease, giving her the best oral sex she had ever had.

His fingers kept probing, his mouth kept kissing, and his tongue – that fucking tongue of his – kept licking and kissing and darting around her love tunnel. For the first time in her life Jade experienced a multiple orgasm, immediately cumming again as she watched Billy work his magic on her soft and tender mound. He paid little mind as he pursued his oral penetrating her pussy. Billy rammed his tongue as far inside as it would go. He buried his face between Jade’s legs until his nose squished hard against her clit, another sensation that aroused her deeply.

Feeling his whole face plastered against her soft muff, Jade lay back and spread her legs into a wide Y shape with her feet pointing to the ceiling of his room. The sensation was beyond anything she had ever experienced as Billy kept attacking her moist pussy with unyielding energy and pressure. She certainly didn’t want him to stop but she could barely breath anymore and wasn’t quite sure how much more she could endure.

Jade grabbed the back of his head with both hands as his tongue darted, licked, tickled, massaged and battered her snatch, producing another round of ecstasy and eliciting a seismic reaction as her hips vibrated while she grinded her mound into his face.

Collapsing on his bed, Jade let go of Billy’s head and sprawled out in pure exhaustion whimpering, “Hmmm…Billy….” Then every muscle in her body relaxed and she began to giggle softly.

Raising his head for the first time since he initiated cunnilingus on her, Billy wiped his mouth – splattered with Jade’s love juices – and lay next to her while she tried to regain her breath and her composure.

When she found her voice, Jade could only whisper, “My God, Billy…,” before stopping as Billy ran his hand over her naked front to caress her stomach, breasts and face. When she opened her mouth to speak again, Jade looked at Billy as if she had never seen him before while he stared at her with a grin plastered across his face, which caused her to chuckle. “Have you really never been with a girl before, Billy?” she quietly asked, purely amazed by this fact after the stellar performance he just gave.

“Nope,” he said with an air of knowing confidence, which caused Jade to chuckle at him again, her eyes alight with fascination and excitement.

Shaking her head in disbelief, “Well, you’re fucking amazing,” she told him. “You need to get on that because you are depriving girls of your expertise.”

It was his turn to look bewildered as she spoke, “What do you mean?”

“Are you serious?” she asked, quickly rolling over to stare at him as her right hand fell to rest on his abdomen. “Jesus Christ, Billy, nobody has ever eaten me out like that. Never,” she told him. “I don’t want to sound like a slut, but I’ve been with a few people and none of them ever did what you just did to me. Not even close.”

He raised his eyebrows, unable to believe her yet again, “I didn’t really know what I was doing,” he admitted in a rather embarrassed way, raising his eyebrows to look innocently at her.

Laughing loudly at his reaction, Jade told him, “Well, for not knowing what you were doing, you did everything fucking right,” and she reached down to take his growing member in her hands to stroke it back to life. “Now I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

Leaning in to kiss her face, Billy grabbed her right breast and squeezed as his tongue worked overtime in Jade’s mouth. Tasting herself in his sweet kisses, she wriggled underneath him and spread her legs expectantly as his dick grew its full length to throb against her stomach. He lifted himself over her, placed his knees between her legs and rubbed his prick over her damp patch. With his right hand, Billy guided his loaded missile into her waiting hole and was instantly amazed by how easily his dick slid inside.

As he slipped and slid his cock inside Jade’s wet pussy, Billy enjoyed the greatest sensation he had ever felt. “Oh…wow…,” he panted. “This feels great!”

Laying underneath him and smiling broadly, happy at the pleasure Billy was experiencing for the very first time as his manhood thrust inside her, Jade agreed, “Mmm…it sure does.” She reached around to place her hands on his ass as it pumped up and down.

The wet friction caused by the joining of his penis with her pussy was tremendous as they fell into an easy rhythm. Soft murmuring issued from Jade’s mouth as she felt and heard her juices stirring from Billy’s hard cock pounding her inner cavity. Looking up at him she said, “You feel so good, Billy,” and she brought her legs up to lock around his back, moving her arms around his neck to brace herself and to hold him in place.

As his pumping continued its rhythmic movement Billy looked up to see Jade, the girl he had a crush on for as long as he could remember, smiling up at him with an expression of pure delight. He bent his head to kiss her, and as they did so Jade unlocked her legs and spread them wide in the air to better feel his body and hips as they thrust at her.

Something inside of her released again as she tightened her grip on Billy’s neck. Jade grinded her pelvis up and down on his hard, slick dick as she prepared for yet another orgasm. Turning her head to breathe, she panted excitedly, “Billy…Oh, Billy…I’m cumming. Oh, Christ…yes.” Her urgency grew as she pleaded, “Please don’t stop…please don’t stop…keep fucking me.”

He did as instructed as his pelvis slapped against her while she moaned loudly in release. With a couple more hard thrusts, Billy lifted his ass in time to grab his dick as it spewed his seed in large, milky gobs all over her bare stomach. Exhaling loudly while jerking his meat to its conclusion, Jade watched as his love juice splattered over her.

When he had finished, and carefully wiped off his mess from her stomach, Jade reached out to take his shrinking package in her hand as Billy crumpled down next to her – his dick badly in need of some rest and a recharge. For her part, Jade had cum so many times she lost count but she knew this had been one of the best sexual experiences of her life.

“Billy?” she finally whispered softly next to him.

He rolled over on his side where his dick pressed into her, “Yeah?”

She turned sideways to face him, “That was really great.”

She smiled her familiar, toothy grin as she ran her hand through his hair. Jade had slept with a number of people in her life. Not enough to be considered a whore, but certainly enough to have gained some proficiency in the area, and this had been the best experience of her life. As she lay there looking at him she couldn’t believe how good it had been or that it had come from someone she had known her whole life.

As they lay entwined in each other’s nakedness, comforted in a way neither of them could have predicted or expected, they drifted off into their own thoughts. Unfortunately, that proved short-lived as the slamming of a car door outside jolted them back to reality.

“Tony’s home,” he whispered as she nestled into him, feeling tremendously comforted and secure.

“Mmm…” was her only response.

After a while they sat up on the bed and Jade squeezed his hand, “I had a lot of fun, Billy. I kinda wish we had done this before now,” to which he could only nod in total agreement. She got up to begin retrieving her clothes as he sat on the bed to watch her nude body move around. He realized that she was just as gorgeous from behind as she was from the front and he loved watching her walk around his room naked.

“Me too,” he said. “Maybe we should do it again,” he offered, hoping he didn’t sound too pathetic and desperate.

Jade giggled as she pulled on her panties, flashing him her cute muff, “Oh…we’re definitely going to do this again.”

“Really?” answered Billy, practically swallowing his tongue in response, which produced yet another giggle from her.

When she had yanked her pants up and buttoned them, Jade walked over and kissed him one last time as her tits dangled underneath. Billy reached up with both hands to fondle them as she locked her mouth on his. This time their kissing was tender and sweet, and lasted a very long time.

Then, as she rose to finish dressing, Jade said, “Oh, yeah – we’re definitely doing it again.”

“I’m very glad to hear that,” Billy answered as a slow smile spread across his face.

“We have to do it again,” she concluded. “For your very first time you were fucking amazing. I want to see how much better you can get, although I can’t imagine it being any better than it was today. Thankfully, we’ll have all summer to play, and I plan on having sex with you every single day.”


Summer began with a flurry of activity as Billy graduated from high school and attended a number of obligatory parties before settling into long, slow days of boredom. He had always dreaded summers because of the absence of his friends as everyone scattered to go on vacation while he generally sat around and did nothing.

This summer, the last before Billy went off to college to begin the rest of his life, was no exception. His parents worked. That’s all they ever did. They were hardly ever home and never went anywhere over summer. Not that he could complain really because they provided him with all of the entertainment he needed to occupy his time. He assumed they thought this made up for never being there for him. To be honest, Billy had come to the conclusion a long time ago that his parents probably had him by mistake as neither one of them knew the first thing about parenting, nor did they seem at all inclined or interested in trying. Regardless, he was well provided for and had enrolled in a good university for the fall. Soon enough it would be adios, goodbye, so long and farewell.

The one bright spot for Billy this summer was his next door neighbor Jade, who he had practically stumbled into having sex with for the first time when she made a quick visit home in the spring. He had been harboring a crush on Jade since as long as he could remember, often fantasizing about her as he jerked himself off every day. To his utter amazement, they ended up sleeping together in his very bed in what had been a rather explosive experience for both of them.

After his first taste of pussy, Billy wanted more and didn’t give one flying fuck where it came from. While he certainly remained attracted to Jade, he was bound and determined to repeat the performance of having his hard cock slide in and out of someone’s wet and waiting hole. Jerking off just didn’t compare to that, and he kicked himself for waiting so long to get with the program.

As a result of his spontaneous adventure with Jade two months earlier, Billy was a changed person. He was on the hunt and, surprisingly to him, he had significant success. His first encounter had been with Gloria, a close friend who would come over and give him a blow-job from time to time.

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On her very next visit, Billy stunned her by asking if he could lick her pussy and, after catching her breath in surprise, she enthusiastically agreed. Gloria came several times that day as Billy’s mouth sucked and pulled on her labia, his tongue penetrated her snatch, and his fingers darted in and out of her cunt. She had to physically shove Billy off her muff where his tongue lay buried deep inside her, and collapsed on his bed in exhaustion. When she regained some composure Gloria let Billy fuck her, as she thought it was only fair after his stellar oral performance.


He didn’t disappoint her in that area either. He pounded away as she splayed her legs outward to allow him maximum room to slam against her. And he kept right on slapping his dick inside her even after he came, producing yet another orgasm for Gloria. Since that day she had done practically everything but beg Billy to fuck her again – which he did – but he had also moved on to others.


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Next was Enid, who kept squirming and giggling as Billy tickled her clit and licked her juice, but who also excitedly jumped on his boner and rode him like a fucking bull. Then there was Alisha, followed by Maddie, Peggy, and Caitlin. Then, the night before his graduation from high school, Billy somehow even convinced a well-known shrew named Lily to have sex with him.

All of them received the best pussy probing of their lives thanks to Billy’s unending tongue maneuvering. And all of them were more than motivated to have him fuck them afterwards. A couple of the girls gave him a quick blow-job, but he wasn’t interested in those anymore. Billy wanted his dick wet, and only a pussy would satisfy his hunger. Some of them, like Gloria, had been given a repeat performance – insisted on it actually – but Billy saw their exchanges as merely practice for the real game, Jade.

She returned from her junior year of college on a Monday morning in the middle of May, a couple weeks shy of Billy’s graduation. Hopping out of her car and running over to Billy’s house the minute she pulled into her driveway, Jade leaped into his arms when he opened the door.

“Hi, Billy,” she greeted him warmly, wrapping him in her arms and smothering his lips with hers. “My God, I have missed you and I’ve thought of practically nothing else since I left here last time.” She kissed him again, tongues dancing inside their mouths. The sweet flavor of her breath and the feel of her arms around him produced the expected result in Billy as his penis pressed against the inside of his pants.

For only the second time, they had sex that afternoon and, as Jade had promised before she headed back to college a couple months earlier, they had sex every single day after her return. Billy never failed to amaze her with his oral skills, always producing multiple orgasms as he licked, slurped, sucked and teased her pussy into submission.

“Christ, you’re like a dog with a bone, Billy,” she told him after their latest episode during the first week of June. “I absolutely love how you eat me out.”

“And I absolutely love eating you out, so everyone’s a winner,” he answered as his naked frame pressed against her skin.

She looked over at him and smiled her beautiful toothy grin, “I can’t believe you lived next door to me my whole life and we’re just now having sex. We should’ve started this a long time ago.”

Billy laughed, “You have no idea how many times I thought the same thing,” and then he leaned in to kiss her soft supple lips. Kissing led to touching and, of course, that led to intercourse. It always did.

This time, however, Jade gently pushed him over as she hopped onto his belly. Her full breasts stood out in front of Billy as she grinded her hips against him. He reached out and pulled her ass closer with both hands until her pussy was sitting on his face. Leaning back to allow him full view of her love tunnel, she rubbed her clit as Billy’s mouth did what it always did so well – licking her hole, massaging her tender labia, and darting his tongue in and out of her cunt.

Her sighs and murmuring grew louder as Billy held firmly onto her ass as she glided her pussy over his face, “Oh, Billy…” she groaned in obvious pleasure.

Jade tightened her legs against him and sat up straight, reaching out to brace her palms against the wall in front of her and letting her blonde hair flow down to sweep back and forth over his face. She moaned in blissful rapture as his mouth sucked on her muff and tasted her juices, “Mmm…” Jade softly purred, feeling a climax building as her body became shrouded in warmth.

Lifting her right leg, she reached down to grab hold of Billy’s head and pushed it further into her pubic mound as she watched her grinding hips cover his mouth. “Oh, my God…yes. Ahh…oh fuck. Fuck, yeah,” Jade joyfully moaned while enjoying yet another seismic peak of intensity. She absolutely loved to watch him eat her out.

When it was over, without pausing to rest, Jade slid down and lifted her leg again. Grabbing Billy’s cock, she slid her wet pussy down on his manhood.

Humping up and down on his shaft, she rested her hands on his chest for support as he reached up to squeeze and play with her tits.

Jade loved the feel of Billy’s stiff prick inside her, sliding against her moist innards as she bobbed away on top of him. She lifted up slowly, looking down to see his rod wet with her juices, then glided back down to feel him pulsing inside her damp cavity as she let out a long, soft moan of pleasure.

As he tugged and played with her boobs, Jade slid her ass back and forth as Billy penetrated her. Tipping her head back to enjoy the sensation of the moment, her hands roamed over his bare shoulders as he began to pump up and down in rhythm to her movements. When climax approached, she swung her head down, letting her hair fall all over his face again. Her mouth flew open wide and her eyes squeezed tightly shut as a hot wave of ecstasy passed through her body. She screamed with delight. As she did so, Billy gave a hard buck upwards as cum erupted from his cock to infiltrate her body while he grunted loudly with pleasure.

Later, when they had finished and were fully dressed, Jade suggested they grab a bite to eat. So they set off together to enjoy a late lunch at Panera. Over sandwiches and soup their discussion revolved around the incredible sex they shared together and speculated on ways to make it even more enjoyable.

“You really are amazing Billy,” she announced. “All I want to do is fuck you, and I have absolutely no desire to sleep with anyone else.”

Embarrassed by her frank openness, Billy smiled meekly at her across the table unsure what to say. How does a person really respond to such a statement? Finally, he concluded, “We are pretty good together. I can’t imagine it being any better than it already is.”

Jade’s eyes widened and sparkled, “We are fantastic together, are you kidding? It’s like your dick was made just for my pussy. It’s a natural, perfect fit.” She smiled at him and then took a bite of her sandwich.

Billy could only smile, happy to be pleasing the only girl he had ever loved and ecstatic to have the opportunity to fuck her every single day. Still, he was curious to learn how their new-found intimacy could improve and possibly reach new heights. “What else did you have in mind?”

Taking a sip of her iced tea, she put her cup on the table and looked over at him with a mischievous grin. “I’m glad you asked. I have some ideas.”

He looked at her expectantly with excitement, “Do you? Excellent. What are they?”

“Well,” she began, pausing a moment to overcome some initial embarrassment. “I would really love to watch you jerk off.”

Billy coughed as he choked on some of his chicken salad sandwich, “What?”

“Why not?” Jade answered quickly. “I’ll masturbate for you too. We can watch each other rub one out and then fuck like rabbits.” Her large smile radiated across the table at him.

Jesus Christ, she is so fucking hot when she smiles like that, he thought. Willing himself back to reality, he answered, “Seriously? You actually want…to watch me jerk it?”

“Hell yeah. It’s hot to watch a guy please himself,” she countered. “And…I like it when guys watch me play too.”

“Hmmm…,” he said pensively. “Sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with that.”

Once again Jade’s warm smile radiated across the table. “No, not a lot of experience. But I have done that and it’s fucking hot.”

His interest had peaked. “Which part of that – had a guy jerk off in front of you, or you played with yourself in front of a guy?”

Taking another swallow of tea before continuing, she answered frankly, “Well…both. You’ll end up doing a whole bunch of shit once you get to college too. It just happens. And it’s fucking amazing. No strings, just fun.”

All at once college couldn’t come fast enough for Billy. He wanted to experience everything, and despite any misgivings Billy might have had he could feel his pants tightening in his groin as his dick responded to Jade.

“Ok. I’ve never done that in front of anyone before.” Actually, this wasn’t entirely true. Oddly enough, he and Jade’s little brother Tony had masturbated together a few times when they were younger, but it was true that Billy had never whacked off in front of a girl.

“Well,” Jade continued, “I think it would be fun. And it would be something different and exciting too.”

Billy shrugged his shoulders, “Ok, then. Let’s do it.”

“Good.” She took another bite of her sandwich before continuing. “Maybe we can have sex in the pool too. I’ve never done that and I think it would be fun.”

Nodding excitedly, Billy answered, “Hell, yeah. We should definitely do that.”

The conversation lagged as they enjoyed the rest of their lunch and made small talk about summer, and Billy’s renewed enthusiasm about going off to college. On the way home, Jade decided to bring up something else she had been considering for a while, sure that Billy would have no objections.

“Sooo…Billy,” she began tentatively. “There was another thing I thought of that we could do together.”

With one hand on the steering wheel to drive, he turned to his right to look at Jade. “What’s that?”

She swallowed hard, admittedly embarrassed again by what she was going to propose. “Um…how would you like to mess around with two girls at once?” Billy did a double-take and then stared at her so long she had to remind him, “Watch the road.”

Regaining his composure and control over the car, he sputtered, “Are…you serious?”

“Yes,” she answered decisively, then told him everything she felt he needed to know. “I thought maybe we could have sex together with Yackeline, my best friend, when she comes to visit me this summer. She’s been my roommate since we were freshman and we’re moving into an apartment together next year. We’ve also messed around with each other since our first semester in college.”

As Billy continued driving in silence, processing everything Jade had just told him, he couldn’t believe his fucking luck. He never expected to have sex with Jade in the first place and continued to marvel at how all of that came about. And now – now she was suggesting they have sex with her roommate. Holy shit, he thought to himself as a smile slowly spreading across this face, this is awesome!

Billy turned to quickly look at her before answering, “Sounds perfect!”

Jade giggled to herself while practically creaming in her shorts. The prospect of fucking the two people who had been her best sex partners, at the same time, was more than enough to make her moist. “I thought you might say that,” and she glanced over at him unable to suppress another smile as she reached over to squeeze his bulging package.

As June gave way to a hotter July, Billy and Jade enjoyed their continuous daily sexual explorations. The very day after their lunch together, Billy stripped down and jerked his meat while standing right in front of her. She enjoyed watching the way he pulled, stroked and tugged on his hard cock while making slightly odd but pleasurable faces. It didn’t take her long to get naked and lay on his bed with her legs spread wide as she swiftly rubbed her clit for him. Billy stood next to the bed watching Jade pleasured herself as he whacked off, and before long announced that he was about to cum.

Jade shifted her position quickly so that Billy’s penis was right in her face. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth just as the first squirt of thick goo flew out to hit her throat. Grabbing his penis and plunging it in her mouth, she sucked his bone dry, swallowing the whole load as he relaxed every muscle in his body.

Wiping her mouth and swallowing a final time, Jade said, “I love the taste of your cum.”

Taking several big breaths, Billy quipped, “And I’m so glad that you do.” He leaned down and kissed her passionately as her hands wrapped around his nude body. This, of course, ultimately led to another round of intercourse.

Later, when they were done he said, “This has been the best summer of my life.”

“Mmm…it’s been a pretty damn good one. And the best is yet to come – literally,” she answered, chuckling at her own humor.

A few days later, when the temperature hovered near the century mark, they were swimming in her pool with Tony. Regardless of any initial attempts to hide their relationship, such as it was, as the summer progressed both Jade and Billy cared less and less what other people might think, including Tony. As they hung out in the pool, Billy gradually moved closer to Jade until their bodies were practically wrapped around each other. Tony was watching them suspiciously, but had pretty much figured things out at this point.

“Go ahead and kiss already, would you,” Tony said as he nodded to the pair at the other end of the pool.

Jade jerked her head around at him, apparently forgetting her brother was even there, as Billy slowly waded away in the opposite direction. “What do you mean?” she snapped.

Tony laughed out loud, “Oh please. I’m not stupid! You’ve been hanging out together all summer, pretty much all day every day. And in private!” Billy leaned against the inside of the pool looking guilty as Jade blushed scarlet. When she opened her mouth to speak, however, her brother cut her off, “I don’t care. I’m just saying that I know and you don’t have to hide anything.”

Jade closed her mouth and moved over to where her brother stood, hugging him. “Thank you Tony,” she told him. He grinned at her and shook his head.

“Yeah, thanks,” Billy said, convinced he should at least say something.

Tony looked over at his neighbor friend, “No worries, bro. My sister couldn’t be with a better person.”

Jade hugged him again, “That’s sweet, Tony.”

He patted her on the shoulder before hopping out of the pool. “Luckily for you, I’ve got to go to work. But I’m sure you guys won’t be lonely,” he said as he chuckled and headed for the back door.

When Tony backed out of his driveway a half hour later Billy reached around and untied Jade’s bikini top to reveal her full, creamy breasts. They pulled off their bottoms together and then hugged each other as water glistened over their naked bodies. Wrapped around one another, they bobbed up and down in the pool as their nude figures rubbed together.

They played and splashed around, enjoying the feeling of cool water over all their bare parts. Jade pushed off the bottom to float up and encircled her legs around Billy’s abdomen, gradually lowering until her pussy rested on the tip of his rigid member. Pulling her downward, Billy’s cock found its way inside her warm hole as Jade exhaled loudly.

Sliding his hard penis in and out of her cunt, Billy proceeded to walk around the pool as they slowly fucked one another. Jade lay back to float on the water as he grabbed hold of her tits while thrusting his hips forward to hump her relaxed body.

As climax approached, Billy had circled back to the pool steps and sat Jade down on the top one as his dick continued to pound her mound. She reached up and pulled him closer to her so they could kiss. When they did Billy pulled out his prick as it shot hot semen over her chest. Jade swiped a finger over his mess and put it in her mouth, repeating several times until she had gotten all of his seed.

When she was done, she separated from him and spread her legs wide to start patting and fondling her pussy as he watched. She loved to give a show, especially because of the reaction it always produced in guys as they watched. Guys loved to look and Billy was no exception. Her fingers probed her snatch as the sound of her juices grew louder. She looked at Billy while he stared at her expertly servicing herself. Soon, the familiar sensation hit her.

“Ah…fuck…,” she yelled out as her innards exploded, looking over at Billy as he watched her intently. She grunted loudly as her palm battered against her tender spot, overcome and delighted by the forceful climax, wanting Billy to know how turned on she was. Wanting him to keep watching as her rubbing penetrated her body to its core. Wanting him to see how much pleasure she was feeling. Wanting him to know he was responsible for this powerful burst of sexual bliss.

She had never been so open with a boy before, so willing to explore her sexuality, so completely untroubled by what a guy might think. Jade had found someone she could be herself with, in every way. When she had finished, Jade slid back in the water and pulled Billy into her nude frame where they joined in harmony to kiss each other passionately.

On another steamy July day, mid-way through the month, as they lay wrapped in each other’s arms following a typically remarkable round of love-making, Jade announced that her friend Yackeline would be coming for a visit the following week. Billy raised one eyebrow and smiled at her as he played with one of her nipples.

“Are you up for two girls?” she asked mischievously.

“Hell, yeah, I am!” came Billy’s enthusiastic reply.

Jade exposed her toothy grin, “You know, I’ve told her all about you and your…um…excellent oral skills,” she began. “She’s very excited to find out for herself.”

Billy smiled broadly, nodding his head slowly, “I’ll be happy to show her.”

“Mmmm…I’m sure you will,” Jade giggled, then paused. She felt the need to inquire about some things before Yackeline arrived. “Um…Billy?” she started.

“Yeah,” he answered absently, eyes still focused on her stiff little nipple.

She took a deep breath before beginning, “Um…we’ve gotten pretty close this summer. It’s been wonderful. Better than I could have imagined and, well…I don’t want to ruin what we have together.”

This got his attention and he shifted his focus to look at her, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t really know, exactly,” she answered honestly. “I’ve never been with more than one person at a time and…I guess maybe I’m expecting things to change.” When she saw his skeptical expression she continued, “Don’t get me wrong. I want to do this. It’s going to be awesome. It’s just that…I don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve become quite attached to you, and it’s not just because of the sex.”

Billy looked at her skeptically with one eyebrow askew, “Oh?”

“Ok, it’s a lot about the sex,” she admitted, laughing openly. “We’re great together and you’re fucking fabulous. You’re the best I’ve ever had, no doubt about it. I’m looking forward to sharing you with Yackeline too.”

The realization of what Jade was trying to say finally hit Billy, “Do you think I’m going to like her more than you?”

Their eyes locked for an instant before she averted his gaze. “She’s very attractive,” she began. “At least I think so. I always thought she was hot.”

“Jade, I don’t give a fuck,” he stated sharply to cut her off. “I really don’t give a damn how hot she might be. I’m attracted to you and have been for as long as I can remember. Besides, even if I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s going back to college with you and I’m off to another university in a month.”

This seemed to satisfy Jade as she relaxed and turned to kiss him. “I’m being silly, I know. You’re off to college and who knows how many girls you’re going to sleep with.” Noticing Billy was about to dispute this she put a finger to his lips and quickly cut him off, “And you should Billy. College is like the only time in your life where you can do whatever you want and get away with it. I hope you take advantage of that.”

He lay there looking at her, not sure what to say but realizing all too well that he had already taken advantage of that. “I really haven’t thought that far ahead. I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

“I know,” she assured him. “I just hope…,” should she really say what was on her mind? He stared at her expectantly, so she finished, “I just hope that we can continue to do this together. At least, for as long as it’s possible.” She smiled expectantly up at him.

Billy brushed her blonde with his hand, bringing her face to his for some more intimate kissing. When they finished, he concluded, “I hope so too. That would be great.”

As expected, Yackeline arrived the following week to visit with Jade for a few days. Sitting at the desk in his room, Billy heard a car door slam shut outside and he leaped up to hide behind the curtain and spy out his window. Fuck me, he thought immediately, she is hot. Standing next to her car as Jade ran out to greet her was one of the most stunning girls Billy had ever laid eyes on. I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck her, he thought to himself. Jesus Christ, I am one lucky son of a bitch!

Pick Me Home

Yackeline stood a few inches taller than Jade with a golden tan from summer and dirty black hair that came down to her shoulders. She had a high, tight ass, at least as evidenced by the shorts that gripped her butt and small, perky breasts that jutted out in front. The girls embraced in a squeal of delight and then made their way inside Jade’s house while Billy returned to his desk with a growing hard-on in his pants.

The plan was for him to stay in his house until Jade brought her friend over for introductions, but that would not be until the next day. This first day she wanted to spend some time with Yackeline alone. Billy suspected that they wanted to mess around without him interfering, and he was perfectly fine with that. He was going to get his turn and the anticipation was worth the wait.

So, Billy hung around his house that day leaving Jade to have some quality time with her roommate while he desperately tried to occupy his time and divert his attention elsewhere. However, later when he heard them splashing around in her pool, he instantly went into his parent’s bedroom where their window just happened to overlook his neighbor’s backyard. And there they were in all their beauty, both in skimpy little bikinis jumping about in the pool and laughing. Billy got a boner just watching them, and he didn’t hesitate to rub on it through his shorts as he continued to stare at them.

Early the next afternoon, Jade texted Billy that they were going to come over, and he was there to greet them as they approached his front door. Jade smiled broadly and gave him a quick kiss when Billy opened the door to let them in.

She started the introductions by saying, “Billy, this is Yackeline. Yackeline, this is Billy.”

“Hi,” he said with a glowing smile, extending his hand to shake Yackeline’s. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Yackeline’s green eyes widened and she smiled broadly in return as she took his hand in hers, “So…you’re Billy. I have heard quite a lot about you.”

Jade blushed slightly as Billy slowly turned his focus on her. “I hope it was all good,” he said.

“Oh, it was Billy. It was,” Yackeline answered with a boisterous laugh, which caused everyone else to giggle.

He ushered the girls into his living room and closed the door behind them. “Come on in and make yourselves comfortable,” he encouraged, and they did so. Jade kicked off her sandals and took a seat on the sofa as Yackeline stepped out of her flip-flops and folded herself up in the easy chair. “Can I get you ladies anything to drink?”

“Is that a loaded question,” Yackeline inquired, eyes sparkling and already full of mischief.

Jade giggled and stared mockingly at her friend before offering, “Do you have any tea, Billy?”

Very intrigued by the two companions in his living room he replied, “Yep, just made it this morning.” Backing toward the kitchen, he pointed at Yackeline for her request.

“Tea sounds great, Billy. I’ll have one also,” Yackeline added.

Heading into the kitchen to grab some glasses and the pitcher of iced tea, he could just barely make out their whispered voices in the next room.

“He’s cute,” Yackeline said with sharp emphasis.

“I told you,” Jade answered teasingly.

“Yeah…but he’s really cute,” and they both giggled as Billy smiled to himself while he prepared their drinks.

“Just wait! You won’t believe how good he is,” Jade quietly told her friend.

“Goody. I can’t fucking wait,” was Yackeline’s eager reply.

Having filled the glasses with ice, Billy placed them and the pitcher of tea on a tray and carried it into the living room where everyone helped themselves and started drinking. For the better part of the next hour they made small talk, getting comfortable in each other’s presence and relaxing, affording Yackeline and Billy an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Suddenly, when she had drained the last of her tea, Yackeline blurted, “Well, are we going to fuck or not?” Jade snorted as Billy damn near choked on his drink. Responding to their reactions, she pressed, “Oh…was that too blunt? Sorry. I’m just really excited and very horny.”

As Billy regained his breath and wiped his mouth, Jade blushed a deep red and looked over at her friend in embarrassment. “I can always count on you to get things started,” she told her, and they both chuckled.

“Yes, you can. And thank God for that,” Yackeline stated as she smiled knowingly at her friend.

Sitting quietly on the couch next to Jade, unsure of how to proceed and for the first time feeling a little awkward, Billy pressed his lips together and looked from one girl to the other wondering what the best way was to start things.

Jade touched him on the leg, “Why don’t we go up to your room Billy?”

“That sounds great,” he said, standing up immediately and walking toward the stairs as the two girls followed him.

Once in his room, Billy closed and locked his door, then turned to face his guests. There was a moment of shy awkwardness as the realization of what was about to happen hit all of them. Then he walked up to Jade and grabbed her in his arms to kiss her. Their lips pressed together as hands immediately began to explore. Billy kissed Jade on the mouth before moving around to nibble on her ear as she exhaled and ran her hands down his back. Yackeline embraced him from behind and slid her fingers down his front to touch and grab the growing package in his shorts, massaging it to life.

Turning to face Yackeline, Billy pulled her inward where the three of them took turns kissing each other. Faces pressed close together, their tongues darted back and forth between them. Billy reached out to squeeze one of Yackeline’s breasts as her hand remained fixed to his crotch, while he rubbed one of Jade’s tits with his other hand. Fondling, massaging and caressing each other, the three of them stood in the middle of Billy’s room entwined in each other’s erotic embrace.

Raising his arms to allow Jade to pull his shirt off, Yackeline unloosened his shorts to slide them down his legs and expose a large bulge protruding from his briefs. Jade rubbed her hands over his bare chest as she kissed him vigorously, and Yackeline squatted down to remove his underpants.

“Oh, wow…,” Yackeline quietly mumbled as Billy’s full 8 inches of manhood sprang out in front of her. She gripped it with her right hand and gave it a couple strokes before plunging it in her mouth. Yackeline sucked ferociously, resting comfortably on her knees so she could grab his ass while he pumped her face.

Pick Me Home

While Yackeline went to work on his penis, Billy and Jade kissed with zeal as they removed her clothes piece by piece. Once Jade’s tits were released, he squeezed them playfully and sucked on her nipples as she stood beside him where her hands could caress his bare body while watching her roommate slurp on his dick. Billy lowered his hand and pushed a couple fingers into Jade’s moist cunt as she breathed heavily next to him, “Mmm…yeah, Billy.”

Taking his slick dick out of her mouth for a moment, Yackeline looked up at Jade, “You want to get on this while I get naked?” The girls switched positions as Yackeline rose up to begin quickly undressing and Jade knelt down in front of Billy to take his throbbing dong in her possession.

The sensation he felt was beyond description, not only to his penis which was receiving world class attention, but his entire body was hot as blood coursed through his veins with rapid-fire precision. Fully naked, Yackeline embraced Billy with her warm body and began sucking on his neck and face before locking her lips on his. He squeezed her tits, smaller than Jade’s but perkier, and rubbed on her hard nipples that poked out like erasers on the end of a pencil.

Working his penis over like a professional, Jade slurped and sucked on it as Billy now inserted two fingers into her friend’s wet pussy. Yackeline pressed her hand over his to increase the pressure on her mound while she rocked her hips back and forth. “Mmm…that feels great, Billy,” she whispered in his ear. “Keep moving your fingers inside me…yeah, like that.”

Before he quite realized what was happening, Billy felt the pressure building that would launch his missile. He tossed his head back and exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum!”

“I want some of that,” Yackeline announced, pulling his fingers out of her hole to kneel down next to Jade.

Whipping his cock out of Jade’s mouth, Billy stood in front of the girls and tugged on his stiff appendage as it erupted like a volcano. The muscles in his legs vibrated and he screamed out in obvious pleasure as globs of white cum splattered over Jade’s face. He pivoted in time to squirt some cum into Yackeline waiting mouth before she leaned forward to swallow his dick whole. When she had sucked his pipe clean, Yackeline turned to face Jade so she could lick Billy’s seed off her face until the two of them embraced each other kissing wildly.

Pick Me Home

Billy stood watching, feeling quite relieved after busting his first nut of the afternoon, as the two girls kissed until they collapsed on his floor and began rolling around. Yackeline landed on top first as they continued to kiss and play with each other, then it was Jade’s turned to roll over on top of Yackeline with more groping and fondling between the pair.

Squirming and wriggling naked around his bedroom floor, they started giggling as Billy simply stood over them enjoying the show. It was like watching a porno made just for him.

When they finished, Yackeline sat up and looked over at him with an enormous grin on her face. “You tasted great by the way. But, now it’s our turn to cum.”

The girlfriends stood and made their way to Billy’s bed where Jade lay down across it and spread her legs wide in the air as Yackeline kneeled in front to begin licking her pussy. Billy took his cue when Yackeline glanced back over her shoulder and jerked her head at him, “My pussy is waiting for you, and I hope you’re as good as Jade says.” Then she went right back to work eating out her roommate as Billy lowered himself to lie prostrate under Yackeline’s legs as she spread them wide and lowered her muff on top of his mouth.

Reaching up to grab Yackeline’s ass with his hands, Billy buried his face in her snatch, licking her pussy lips with eager enthusiasm before ramming his tongue inside her waiting hole. Busy slurping on Jade’s bush, Yackeline moaned loudly with contentment as Billy fixed his face to her innards. She rubbed Jade’s cunt while groaning loudly, “Oh, Billy…yes. Ah…,” then continued finger fucking her friend as her tongue tickled Jade’s clit.

Hugging Yackeline’s ass as his mouth sucked on her pussy, she began to slowly grind her hips against his face as she experienced sheer exhilaration. She was soon sitting up to watch as Billy ate her out, enormously turned on to see him perform cunnilingus on her, while Jade continued to lay on the bed playing with her tits and fingering herself. Yackeline started to buck Billy’s mouth as his tongue probed deeper inside to taste her musky fragrance, nearing a climax with a look on her face that was indescribable. Was it pain? Was it pleasure? Was it both?

She stared down to watch him suck her pussy and lap her juices, and as Yackeline’s insides exploded in ecstasy she screamed, “UH…UH, FUCK. OH YES! YES! OH MY GOD!” She came in a shudder as her legs tightened around Billy’s head. Her pussy stuck to his face as his tongue worked overtime to slurp down her fluids. Jade lifted her head in time to see Yackeline cum, eyes wide as she experienced pure elation while Jade rubbed out her own climax watching her roommate’s contractions over Billy’s mouth.

Yackeline tried to ply herself off Billy’s face but his grip on her ass was too tight and his tongue kept on licking and sucking her snatch, pushing her well past the point of common endurance. She needed a break and couldn’t quite believe that he was still smacking his lips over her cunt eager for more. Yackeline didn’t want him to stop but she didn’t think she could handle much more. Yet, his unrelenting tongue continuously darted in and out of her, producing a feeling she had never experienced before as her ass shook is spasms of pure ecstasy.

Yackeline stared unbelievably over at Jade, opening her mouth wide as if to scream but the only sound was a long, protracted whine. She leaned back on her right arm to watch Billy’s mouth move over her patch as the pressure inside was a crescendo toward another wonderful climax. Yackeline reached down and grabbed Billy by the hair as her innards convulsed for the second time.

Yelling out once again with rapture and delight, Billy continued to lick on her spent pussy. “Oh…my God, Billy…Jesus…” she whimpered breathlessly as Jade sat up, knowingly enjoying the thrill her friend was experiencing. With a last squeeze of Yackeline’s ass, Billy moved his mouth and allowed her off his face to collapse beside him where she tried to catch her breath. “Fuck…” was all she could manage to say.

Jade slipped off the bed to lay on the other side of Billy and wrapped him in her arms. She nibbled on his ear and caressed his bare chest as he relaxed on the floor while Yackeline tried regained her composure.

After quite some time, Yackeline slowly sat up to rest her back against the side of the bed, “You’ve got a gift, Billy. A fucking gift,” which made Jade and Billy laugh out loud. “I have never cum like that. I didn’t even know that kind of feeling was possible. You were right Jade.”

“I told you,” Jade said, giggling softly while her hands kept roaming over Billy’s naked body.

“Yeah, but…shit,” her friend said, still a little breathless. “I thought you were exaggerating.” Yackeline scooted down to lay sideways on Billy’s left side as her hand joined Jade’s to touch and rub him all over, and Billy smiled to himself as he realized that this afternoon’s activities had only just begun.

To be continued…

Part 3

Sweets dreams of ocean breezes and warm sun drifted through Billy’s mind as he lay asleep on his bedroom floor nestled between two nude college girls after an intense round of sexual pleasure. Jade, the wonderful neighbor girl with whom he had recently begun having an amazing sexual relationship, and Yackeline, her sexy roommate who was visiting for a few days of summer fun, had come over to his house for an afternoon of carnal pleasure. After an initial round of ejaculation and orgasms, the trio had collapsed onto the floor for a little rest and recharge.

As Billy lay dreaming and Jade snored softly on the other side of him, signaling her own blissful slumber, Yackeline lifted up to rest on her right arm and stared at their naked bodies. She reached out to glide her left hand over Billy’s torso, then down to run her fingers through his pubic hair before taking his limp member in her hand. Slowly stroking his soft penis, Yackeline bent her head forward to lick his left nipple before kissing him all across his chest, neck and face.

Awaking gradually, Billy opened his eyes to see Yackeline over him while her hand moved down to massage his ball sack. When she noticed he was looking at her, Yackeline smiled at him before moving in to kiss him. Their kissing was soft and tender, and she tasted wonderful to him. Billy reached out to embrace her in his arms as their nude bodies pressed against each other.

Pick Me Home

Slowly, Yackeline moved her mouth from Billy’s lips and began to kiss his face in different places. “I fucking want you. I want all of you,” she whispered between kisses.

He just stared at her, unsure what to do as Jade, the girl of his dreams – the girl he had been in love with since they were young kids - lay asleep right next to him.

A knowing realization crossed Yackeline’s face and she smiled shrewdly at him. Murmuring quietly she told him, “She’s asleep, Billy. At least for the moment. I came to visit Jade so I could fuck both of you, and I intend to do that.”

Having stated her feelings bluntly, a character trait she seemed to possess in abundance, Yackeline continued with her kisses. She tickled his nipples with her tongue, then kissed his chest in several places before running her tongue down to his bellybutton as Billy’s cock sprang to life. His gaze remained transfixed on the beautiful girl in front of him whose twinkling eyes were the spectacular color of jade. Holy Christ, he thought, she’s so fucking hot!

Yackeline’s hand moved down to grab Billy’s fully erect member, stroking it gently as she began licking its tip and rounded head. Her warm breath on his cock felt marvelous. It was like she was making love to his dick, her full lips brushing against it and her tongue flicking over it. She slowly sucked on just the top part while her hand tugged lightly up and down on his shaft.

After several minutes, Yackeline looked up at him and whispered, “You got a great dick Billy. I fucking love it.”

Billy exhaled quietly and smiled at her, “I fucking love your mouth.” She giggled softly at that before proceeding again with her expert ministrations on his appendage.

Reaching to his right, Billy started to rub his right hand over Jade’s naked frame which lay next to him. He roamed across her left thigh and over her small pubic patch to let his fingers begin playing with her pussy. This naturally caused Jade to stir slightly, and when Billy looked over at Yackeline a brief flash of irritation seemed to cross her face but disappeared so quickly that Billy thought he might have imagined it.

Still, Yackeline continued to play with his penis while running her hands over his chest and down his prostrate legs. Billy placed his left hand on her head while his free hand kept working on Jade’s vagina. Suddenly, Jade’s legs opened wide, allowing him better access to her privates, and when he looked toward her she was smiling at him.

“Hello beautiful,” he whispered as a wide smile crossed his face. Jade slid closer and turned on her left side so that she pressed up against him, resting her head on his bare shoulder.

He was relieved she had awakened. Fooling around without her would have seemed like cheating. This whole adventure today had been Jade’s idea from the start, and Billy felt she should be a part of the experience.

Watching Yackeline expertly servicing his erect tool, Jade pivoted her body downward so that she could also suck on him. The two friends took turns pleasuring Billy’s meat. As one placed his hard pecker in their mouth, the other would stroke it up and down – then they would swap and repeat the process.

The sensation was beyond description. Billy had never felt anything like it. Jade’s mouth was soft and warm, her tongue gliding along his shaft as she sucked on his rigid cock. Yackeline’s mouth was tighter around his instrument, caused by the suction she created as she swallowed all of it. Both were equally amazing and he knew it would not be long before he busted a nut.

Yet, before he had the opportunity to do so, the two girls started kissing each other passionately as Jade’s grip remained on his hard shaft. Yackeline reached over and brought Jade’s face closer into hers. Tongues darted back and forth between open mouths as Yackeline’s hands caressed Jade’s bare shoulders and arms, then reached down to fondle her breasts.

Pick Me Home

Letting go of Billy’s prick, Jade reached out to fully embrace Yackeline in her arms as their kissing intensified. Billy scooted up and out from under them to rest his back against the side of his bed, and when he did so the two girls came together to wrap their naked bodies around each other.

Jade and Yackeline remained fixed against each other as their hands roamed freely over one another’s nude body. They pressed tightly together as their hands slid from one bare spot to the next, rubbing each other’s tits and squeezing each other’s asses. Yackeline hands wandered through Jade’s wavy blonde hair as Jade placed her hands on the side of Yackeline’s face. Their lips fastened together.

Seated beside them against the bed, Billy was thoroughly enjoying the show. He was more turned on than he had ever been in his life. It was obvious to him that these two friends were more than just roommates. Much more than just casual friends. They liked each other very much and were incredibly comfortable in each other’s arms.

Lost in his own thoughts, Billy was jerked back to reality when he realized the two girls were looking at him. “Hmm?” he uttered.

“I’m going to make love to Jade now and then we will come back to you. Okay?” Yackeline told him frankly.

Billy nodded enthusiastically, eager to watch. “Sure.”

They both smiled at him before turning their attention back toward each other. Yackeline gently pushed Jade down to lay on the carpeted floor of Billy’s bedroom while continuing to kiss her mouth fervently. She tenderly touched Jade’s supple breasts, gingerly pulling on each nipple. Yackeline’s hands reached out to caress Jade’s arms, chest and side, then down her legs.

Sliding down and lifting Jade’s right leg, Yackeline licked and kissed her bare foot. One by one she took each of Jade’s toes in her mouth to suck on and embrace with her lips as Jade squirmed on the floor and sighed softly. When Yackeline had finished with that foot, she pulled Jade’s left leg up and repeated the same method on her other foot and started on those toes.

Lying the floor with her hands outstretched beside her, Jade was fully enjoying the treatment she was receiving. She turned her head sideways to look over at Billy and winked at him as he sat back and enjoyed the show.

Lowering Jade’s limb to the ground, Yackeline sprawled out between Jade’s legs and began kissing her. Yackeline’s lips pressed against Jade’s ankle and glided up her leg to kiss her knee, then further up to brush against her pelvis before making her way down the other leg.

Yackeline’s kisses were slow and deliberate. She took her time, rubbing her hands all over Jade’s naked body as her lips and tongue focused on more specific parts. Jade writhed on the floor and softly moaned as Yackeline brought her head back to start focusing on Jade’s soft pussy. She teased Jade’s labia and tickled her clit.

Exhaling appreciably, Jade sighed, “Oh, Vicki…mmm…”

This was the first Billy had heard Yackeline addressed as anything other than her proper, given name and it automatically increased his arousal. It was obvious that these two girls had been intimate many times before as Yackeline – or Vicki – seemed to know just what to do.

Jade spread her legs wide, with her feet in the air, to allow Yackeline maximum exposure to her love tunnel where her roommate kissed and licked at her snatch. Yackeline swirled her tongue inside Jade’s hot hole, flicked her clit, and tugged at her moist labia with her lips as Jade whimpered in enormous pleasure.

When her tongue was done servicing Jade’s cunt, Yackeline worked her lips up Jade’s front, sucking on her nipples before bringing their lips together for a long, full impassioned kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other, naked bodies gripped tightly together, as their kissing intensified.

Gradually, the girls switched positions and it was Jade’s turn to work her mouth over Yackeline’s nude body, and she proceeded in exactly the same manner. Starting with Yackeline’s feet and toes, she worked her full, wet lips over every inch of her friend’s body. Up one leg, down the other, over Yackeline’s pubic mound where Jade licked and teased her roommate’s glistening pussy lips.

It was Yackeline’s turn to breathe out softly, “Mmm…Sam baby…oh…that feels so good.” She reached out to run her hands through Jade’s – or Sam’s – hair as her friend kept eating her out.

This was also a name unfamiliar to Billy and he hoped to remember to ask about it later. Right now, however, he was transfixed on the wonderful sight before him. It was better than porn. These two girls obviously cared very much for each other. They weren’t fucking. There was nothing urgent or vulgar about what they were doing to one another. It was methodical, with purpose, feeling and meaning.

It was also more than Billy could stand. Instinctively, without any conscious thought, he began to stroke his meat as he watched the two naked girls make love on his bedroom floor.

When Yackeline turned her head to look at him she noticed what he was doing and promptly ordered, “Keep your fucking hands off that thing until we’re ready for it!”

Startled by her curt instructions, Billy automatically giggled. Then, seeing her seriousness, he dropped his hand away from his firm organ and stared guiltily back.

As Jade finished her attentions on Yackeline’s body, after sucking on her nipples and playing with her breasts, they ended with another extended, elaborate kiss.

Just when Billy thought it was over, and started anticipating his participation in whatever lay ahead, the girls separated their bare bodies only long enough to put themselves in a scissors position where their wet pussies began vigorously grinding against each other.

Legs entwined, Jade and Yackeline pushed their vaginas together. Each girl was propped up by their arms as their pubic mounds brushed against each other’s tender, soft patch. Loud moaning ensued immediately from the sensation they were both creating and feeling.

As their legs rocked back and forth, further escalating the sensation on their cunts, first Yackeline and then Jade began playing with their clits. They simultaneously rubbed quickly back and forth over their little butter beans as their moist coochies slithered against each other.

Yackeline threw her head back as she lifted one of her legs to rub more forcefully, “Ahh…oh, fuck yes!”

“Mmm…” Jade murmured. “Oh, Vicki…oh, baby…don’t stop.”

As Billy sat watching, Jade and Yackeline suddenly stared fixedly at one another, deeply absorbed in what they were doing and with each other. The grinding continued strongly – the masturbating continued heatedly – and the two friends smiled excitedly before leaning forward to kiss.

Shortly, their embrace stopped. Yackeline rested her head on Jade’s left shoulder and called out as their grinding grew stronger and more spirited, “Oh my God, Sam – Jesus, baby. I’m gonna cum.”

Staring open-mouthed at the greatest scene his eyes had ever witnessed in person, Billy was riveted. Never in all his short 18 years of life did he ever expect to be a part of events now enfolding in his very own room. These two girls were amazing and he couldn’t help thinking of all the fun he hoped was in store for him once he went off to college in another month.

Complete lost in the scene playing out in front of him, Billy was brought back to reality when Yackeline sat up and threw her arms over Jade’s shoulders to pull the girl into her as their snatches chafed wildly in mutual enthusiasm.

Jade screamed out loud, “Ohh…ohh…fuck yeah. Oh Vicki…oh God yes!”

Not to be outdone, Yackeline grunted even louder, “Sam…oh, Sammi baby. Oh, please don’t stop.”

Pick Me Home

Collectively, the two college roommates climaxed as their body shuddered from the force of it. Hips continued to swing eagerly back and forth as first Yackeline, then Jade, came violently. Rocking together in an embrace, enjoying the result of their mutual pursuit, the two friends began another protracted but no less ardent and loving kiss.

When they were done, the girls rested in an embrace for several minutes, catching their breath while smiling broadly at each other. Then, slowly separating, the girls crawled on their knees toward Billy, who remained fixed to the spot where he rested against the bed.

“We need you now,” Yackeline told him as she moved to his left and began kissing him intently.

Grabbing his legs, Jade tugged at Billy until he lay flat on his back, somehow still managing to keep his lips locked on Yackeline’s. Once level with the floor, Jade spread her legs over him and slid her wet hole down on Billy’s solid cock.

With Jade slowly pumping up and down on his prick, Yackeline stood up briefly in order to squat down over Billy’s face so he could eat her out while she leaned forward to kiss her friend. The roommates played with each other’s tits as Jade rode Billy’s pecker and Yackeline swirled her hips over his mouth.

Moments passed as each individual satisfied the needs of the other, the only sound was the moaning and groaning of pleasure. Jade glided back and forth over Billy’s wet tool as her hands rested on his bare chest. Yackeline swiveled her hips over Billy’s mouth as his tongue darted in and out of her damp love tunnel.

“Oh, Jesus…” whined Jade as her hands rested on Billy’s adolescent pecs and he reached out to fondle her jiggling tits.

Her college friend smiled over at her, “This feels fucking incredible.” Then looked down to see Billy’s mouth working its magic on her innards.

Shortly, Billy was bucking his hips as his dick pounded inside Jade’s snatch and she knew it wouldn’t be long before his spewed his cum. She reached over and tapped Yackeline on the shoulder as she continued gyrating over his tongue. When Yackeline looked over at her, Jade pointed down, indicating that she wanted her friend to bend over.

Lifting off of Billy’s throbbing cock, Jade knelt down beside him so she could keep stroking it and Yackeline leaned forward over Billy’s body so they were in a sixty-nine position. Despite having his face planted against her muff, Billy’s grunted loudly. Yackeline opened her mouth and Jade moved his prick toward it just as thick spurts of white cum flew out the tip of his penis.

Swallowing his man juice and licking the tip of Billy’s saturated cock, Yackeline and Jade started kissing once again over top of his naked body while he did his best to keep licking Yackeline’s snatch. Finally, her ass convulsed and her legs tightened around him. Yackeline creamed as Billy kept his mouth plastered to her puss and Jade continued jerking him off, although his manhood had shrunk considerably.

When they were though, the three of them separated their naked bodies from each other, took turns using the bathroom, and then ended up lying together in Billy’s full size bed. Normally, there was more than enough room when Billy lay in it alone. Now, with three people under the sheets, it was a tight squeeze but Billy had no objections as his naked frame lay in between two beautiful – and equally naked – girls.

They laid there for a while, each escaping to their own unconscious thoughts. Billy had one arm around Jade on his left and another around Yackeline on his right, each girl pressed against his side as their hands jointly glided over his chest.

“That was wonderful,” Jade suddenly announced.

Pinching one of Billy’s nipples, Yackeline answered, “It sure was.”

Wriggling contentedly next to them, Billy said, “I had a great time. Thanks for coming.” To which everyone started laughing.

When they had settled back down Billy thankfully remembered something he wanted to ask the girls. “Um…how come you called each other Vicki and Sam?”

Yackeline looked across Billy’s chest and made eye contact with Jade whose face blushed slightly before answering, “Well, those are just names we call each other when we are messing around,” she said slowly.

It was Yackeline, as always, who decided to answer his question more directly. “When we first started fooling around during our freshman year, we decided to call each other something different, something no one else called us. We thought that would make the experience more meaningful. It would make things more intimate between us.”

“Oh,” Billy replied as Jade nodded her head in agreement.

“So,” Yackeline continued, “Jade decided to call me Vicki, since ordinarily I hate that name. I have always preferred to be called Yackeline. And I chose the name Sam to use for Jade. For some reason I thought it sounded sexier.”

Listening intently as he gazed up at his ceiling, Billy said, “That’s really cool. It’s something just shared by the two of you. I like that.”

“So do we,” Yackeline agreed.

When Billy turned his head sideways to look at her, Yackeline smiled and rapidly fluttered her eyelids causing him to chuckle.

The trio lingered in bed for quite some time, relaxed and comforted by their afternoon exploits and none of them in a hurry to get dressed and leave. Eventually, as the shadows moved across the room, it was decided that the end had come. They each got up, searched for their clothes, slowly dressed, and walked back downstairs.

“Do you guys have plans for dinner?” Billy inquired.

“As a matter of fact we do Billy,” Jade responded. She leaned over to give him a peck on the cheek. “We’ll pop back over tomorrow for a bit before Yackeline leaves.”

“Okay. That sounds great,” he responded. Honestly, Billy was a bit relieved and looked forward to spending some time by himself and chilling in front of the tv until his parents decided to return home. By the time that finally happened, Billy had already eaten a sandwich for dinner and immediately went back upstairs to his room where he fell asleep quickly.

The next day Billy left the girls alone, assuming they probably wanted to spend some time by themselves before Yackeline left. Jade texted him shortly after 5:30pm asking if they could drop by quickly. He was at the door to meet them when they arrived.

“Hi Billy,” Jade began, in her customary manner with a mouth fully of sparkling white teeth.

“Well Billy,” Yackeline began, “I’m leaving, but I had to come and say goodbye. It was wonderful to meet you. I had a great time together with you two.”

Smiling back at both of them, “It was great to meet you too Yackeline. I’m glad you came.”

“Yes! Me too – several times, in fact!” she answered sarcastically and all three of them erupted in laughter. When the moment subsided, Yackeline reached out to hug Billy. “It really was nice to meet you. Are your parents here? It would be nice to meet them too.”

Hugging her in a tight embrace, “Oh, hell no. Are you kidding? They’re never here. I don’t think they realize they even have a child.”

“Ah – I see,” she replied.

“Yeah, it’s the way they are. They actually just texted shortly before Jade did to tell me they were headed out of town for a couple days. They always do that shit. I guess it was nice of them to let me know.” Billy announced this in his usual matter-of-fact manner but they could both tell he was hurt. His parents really had no regard for anyone other than themselves.

Shortly after, the girls left and Jade promised to see Billy the next day so they could resume their regular summer routine. Billy fixed himself another sandwich for dinner and then went up to his room.

Sometime later, long after the sun had set and the last lingering lights of summer glittered on the horizon, Billy walked out of his room to use the bathroom down the hall. When he came out, he distinctly heard a knocking sound and abruptly halted on the upstairs landing to listen intently, thinking that perhaps he was hearing things.

Nope – there it was again. When Billy heard it a third time he realized it was coming from the back door. He walked slowly down the stairs, deliberately taking his time as he could not imagine who would be visiting his house at this time. Making his way gradually into the kitchen the rapping sounded again, and he could just make out a shape through the small window at the top of the kitchen door. Peaking out one of the kitchen windows just to the left of the entrance he was stunned to see Yackeline standing on the back steps.

Opening the door quickly with a look of puzzled astonishment, Billy said, “Yackeline! What are you doing here? Are you okay?” He automatically assumed something was wrong.

“Hello Billy. I’m fine,” she answered nonchalantly.

Billy was even more confused. “I don’t understand. I thought you were leaving tonight?”

“I did leave. I left Jade’s house.”

He was completely disorganized now, and as thoughts raced through his mind he repeated, “I don’t understand.” Then he looked past her and around the corner for signs of her car. “Is Jade with you? Where is your car?”

Yackeline smiled perceptively at him, “Jade is at home and I parked my car down the road a bit, out of sight.”

“Then you walked to my house?” he said mystified. Billy was all kinds of befuddled.

“Yes, that’s right. Now, can I come in or what?” she asked exasperatingly.

That seemed to jump-start Billy’s mind and he quickly stepped out of her way, “Yeah, sure. Come in. Of course.”

Yackeline marched right through the door and passed Billy heading into the dimly lit living room as he stood there holding the door open with a look of puzzlement across his face. He shook his head slightly in dismay, closed and locked the back door and proceeded to follow her into the large living area.

As he walked into the adjoining room Yackeline stood in the center looking at him. Once again he could only manage to say, “I don’t understand.”

“Oh Billy,” she sighed heavily, realizing she was going to have to explain things to him and becoming irritated at having to do so. “It’s really quite simple. I came to visit Jade the other day in order to have sex with her – and you. I’m still waiting to fuck you, and I’m not about to leave this little town until I do so.”

Billy felt as though his mouth hit the floor. He had never met anyone like Yackeline. Never. She was too blunt, too direct and too forward and he wasn’t used to it. Thankfully, he didn’t have a chance to respond as she kept right on talking.

“I know we messed around yesterday and all that, but we – and I mean you and I – never had sex. Not that I’m surprised because I think Jade deliberately prevented that from happening. And you did too – waking her up in the middle of our little time together.”

“But…” he mumbled.

“Don’t but me, and don’t deny it. I told Jade about it too and she gave me all the denials I want to hear.”

Feeling a bit like a broken record Billy said, “I don’t understand.”

“Oh Christ Billy. Good thing your mouth works wonders on a girl’s pussy because otherwise it’s completely fucking useless.”

That pissed him off. “Alright, look…” he snapped.

“No! You look,” she interrupted. Yackeline stepped closer and pointed an index finger right in Billy’s face. “I understand all about you and Jade. I also know that you have been in love with her since like, what, middle school?” she sneered. “The problem is that Jade thinks she’s in love with you too. She’s not. She’s in love with your cock and your mouth, that’s it. And don’t get me wrong Billy. Those are two wonderful attributes of yours. Very wonderful in fact. But that’s not love. It’s lust.”

“Ok…” he stammered, completely unaccustomed to anyone ever speaking to him in such a harsh, exacting manner and feeling more than a little intimidated by this female college senior who was clearly a force of nature.

Realizing she was coming on a bit strong, Yackeline lowered her finger and attempted to soften a bit, “Look, Billy, I don’t mean to be a bitch. I really don’t. I don’t know you. I hardly know anything about you. What I do know is that you are remarkable in bed. Or, at least remarkable at licking pussy. Now I want my chance to fuck you. It really is that simple.” She turned and took a seat on the couch.

He turned to look at her, still trying to make sense of everything. “I don’t know if I love Jade or not. We’ve never discussed that.”

Lifting her head with one eye askew and oozing all kinds of doubtfulness, Yackeline propped her feet on the large ottoman in front of her before answering. “Yes you do. Or, at least you think you do, which is the same thing. I’ve seen how you look at her. I’ve seen how she looks at you but…” She stopped abruptly, not sure how to proceed and not wanting to reveal too much.

“But what?” he asked curiously.

Yackeline took a moment to collect her thoughts before continuing. She wasn’t sure she should divulge too much as that would betray her close friendship with Jade, but she didn’t want Billy to be so naïve either. “Let’s just say there are things you don’t know, okay? You couldn’t possibly know because you’ve been in high school while we’ve been in college.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” he snapped, quickly losing his patience.

Patting the couch with her right hand, Yackeline motioned for Billy to join her. He obliged and she turned slightly to address him directly, “I like you Billy. You’re a sweet guy. Please know that my objective here is not to hurt you. I came here tonight to fuck you. Seriously, that’s all. But, I think you should know some facts.”

“Like what?”

“Like the fact that Jade kind of has a boyfriend. Ever since the start of our junior year. It’s nothing too serious, but they hung out a lot last year. At least until she came home a few months ago and messed around with you. Then things cooled off a bit between them. But, it didn’t stop. Not completely. They’re still an item, and they text each other all the time. And I’m sure they will continue to hook up once we get back to college next month.”

This unexpected news struck Billy hard. It wasn’t so much that Jade had a boyfriend. He should have assumed she did. It was that Jade hadn’t told him. He felt lied to and, in a very large sense, betrayed. “I didn’t know,” he said meekly.

“I know. I’m sorry. I told her she should have told you, just to make you aware. She was still going to come home over the summer anyway, and you guys could still do whatever you wanted but at least you would have known.”


“And there’s something else,” she continued.

Looking over at Yackeline, not really wanting to know more but sure she was going to tell him regardless of what he wanted, “What’s that?”

Yackeline took his left hand in hers, “I’m in love with Jade too.”

“What?” he stuttered, blinking several times while he processed her words.

“I said – I’m in love with Jade too. I have been since the day we met as freshmen.”

More bewildered than ever, Billy said, “What difference does that make?”

Chuckling at the lost expression on Billy’s face, as well as his innocence and complete lack of any understanding, she told him, “I’m afraid it makes a great deal of difference. At least to you it does. Jade hasn’t quite decided if she prefers cock or cunt, and I’m going to make sure she chooses the latter.”

“And what if she chooses cock?” He felt very certain that’s what Jade would decide.

“She won’t,” Yackeline answered definitively, ending that particular part of the discussion. “Now, if we are finished, can we get busy? I have a two-hour drive to make.”

Her candid honesty astounded Billy and he just stared at her. “What? You think because you told me that Jade has a boyfriend, or that you’re in love with her, that I’ll just fuck you now?”

“Yes, precisely,” she quipped. “I’m not leaving until we do.” Yackeline quickly rose from the couch to stand before Billy and began removing her clothes. For his part, Billy had no idea what the fuck to do so he just sat there and let her strip.

When she was completely naked, Yackeline lifted her left leg to place her foot on the plush brown ottoman that she pushed to the side and started rubbing her pussy. Inserting two fingers into her wet hole, the fluid inside made sensual squishy noises. Clearly she was already excited and ready to go. Moaning in satisfaction, Yackeline put on quite a show for an enraptured Billy. She finger fucked herself intensely, moving her hips back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm.

“You like the show?” she asked Billy in between moans as her free hand squeeze one of her tits. When he only nodded his head, she told him, “Why don’t you whip out that bad boy and let me see you play with it?”

Standing immediately, Billy pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He yanked his shorts and boxers down and flung them away with his foot as his dick sprung out in front of him. Grabbing at his hard member, he started stroking it as Yackeline watched.

“Mmm…that really is a beautiful thing, Billy,” she told him. “Fucking jerk it for me.” When he began to pull up and down on his shaft Yackeline groaned, “Yeah…that’s it. That’s what I like to see.”

For several minutes Bobby and Yackeline stood in front of each other pleasuring themselves, intently watching each other masturbate. He stroked on his rigid pole while she finger fucked herself and they were equally entranced by what they saw.

Pulling her fingers out of her twat, Yackeline took two small steps to stand directly in front of Billy. “Which way do you want me?” she asked.

Looking her straight in the eyes he leaned forward and kissed her forcefully on the mouth. Initially stunned by his unexpected aggressiveness, Yackeline relaxed and returned his kiss with passion.

“Any way you want,” he said when they pulled apart.

She smiled at him seductively before moving around him to bend over in front of the couch. “Fuck me from behind Billy.”

He pivoted to stand behind her, his erect cock jutting out in front of him. Grabbing her hips with both hands he slid his prick into her slick cavity and started pumping back and forth vigorously.

“Ahh…mmm. Yeah, Billy. That’s it. Fuck me with your hard cock,” she encouraged. Knowing they were all alone in his house Yackeline did not hesitate to moan very loudly as she rocked her ass up and down with each thrust from Billy.

As his hips slapped against Yackeline’s ass, she encouraged him with every push and pull he made. “Oh, Billy…that feels so good baby. Come on – fuck it – fuck my pussy. Give it to me.”

Billy gradually started slamming against her harder and harder, and Yackeline grunted in pleasure with every shove he made. “You like that?” he panted, getting totally worked up by their fucking.

“Yeah…harder. Fuck me harder Billy. Oh, that’s it. Yes! Pound it baby, pound my pussy. Oh – YES! Fuck me baby. Fuck me!” she screamed out, her voice echoing around the house.

Billy loved the amount of control he had over Yackeline in this position and he kept a firm grip on her ass as he continued to dive bomb her cunt.

Then, quite to Billy’s surprise, Yackeline slammed her ass back against his pelvis, bringing a halt to his thrusts. Turning her head around to look at him she declared, “I want you to fuck me in the ass Billy.”

Again, all Billy could do was nod as she smiled at him. He yanked his dick out of Yackeline’s wet snatch and moved it up to her asshole. “Just go slow, okay?” she asked as she bent back over.

Carefully, unsure exactly what to do or what to expect, Billy pressed his rigid pipe inside Yackeline’s firm butthole little by little as she relaxed her ass to allow him access. Once his dink had reached capacity to her inner hovel, he steadily moved back and forth as Yackeline’s screams of ecstasy increased rapidly.

“Oh, fucking Christ, Billy…my God, baby, that’s it. Oh. Oh, my God. Fuck my ass baby. Fuck it. Ooohhh…” Her voice ricocheted off the walls and stung his ears as she reached out to grab the back of the couch for some needed support.

Billy couldn’t believe how tight the pressure was on his dick. It was as if he was fucking some kind of small plug or inner tube. The tension on his cock was tremendous. The sensation was mind blowing.

“Yeah. Keep it up Billy. Fuck my ass. Come on, shoot your fucking load. I want you to cum on my ass.”

Yackeline’s verbal stimulation only exaggerated the already phenomenal pleasure Billy was feeling and he could feel the pressure building throughout his body as his knees began to shake. This seemed to produce a heightened arousal from Yackeline.

“Oh, yeah…that’s right baby. Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard. Ram your cock in there. Fucking cum for me baby. Shoot your hot jizz all over me. I wanna feel your warm cum on me.”

That was it. That was all Billy could take and he whipped his rock-hard pecker out of Yackeline’s ass just as it spewed white seed all across her vibrating backside. He shouted out loud with each spasm, which produced large goops of semen. He looked down at the mess on Yackeline and knew he had never cum like that in his life.

Still panting as she continued to bend over the couch, Yackeline slowly regained her breath. “Fuck Billy, that was great. You are really something. You know how to play my game. No wonder Jade fucks you every single day. I would do the same thing.”

When the last of his sperm dripped out of his dick, giving it a final shake for good measure, Billy wandered off to find a towel to clean up his mess. Once that was completed, Yackeline asked if she could take a show.

Retrieving their clothes, Billy and Yackeline walked naked up the stairs to the bathroom. Handing her a clean towel from the hall closet, Billy turned and walked into his room to wait for her to finish.

About ten minutes later, Yackeline strolled into his bedroom wrapped in the pink towel he had given her. Billy had been lying in his bed but sat up as soon as she came in the room.

Walking up to his bed to stand in front of him, Yackeline dropped her towel and gave him a broad smile. “Well, Billy boy, this is the last chance you have to feast your eyes on my gorgeous body.”

His eyes roamed over her whole nude frame, taking in every curve and bend. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

“I know it!”

Without even thinking, Billy asked, “Can I take a pic?” Then realizing what he had said, he quickly stuttered, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind. Just keep my face out of it.” Yackeline took a couple steps back and placed her right hand on her hip to look a little more seductive.

Billy whipped out his phone and took a couple pics very quickly while he had the chance, careful to omit her face. “Thanks. That’s fucking awesome.”

“Just promise me one thing Billy,” she teased.

“What’s that?”

“Next time you whack off, look at my picture.” She chuckled and leaned forward to give him one last, long passionate kiss.

When she had dressed, they walked back downstairs and headed for the rear door. As Billy opened it, Yackeline squeezed his arm, “Thank you Billy. I had a great time.”

“Sure. I had a great time too.” He backed up to allow Yackeline to walk out, and she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before giggling and walking out into the dark night.

Without a doubt, this had indeed been the best summer of Billy’s life, but it was quickly coming to an end. While he was looking forward to everything college had to offer, there were obviously still some things to resolve with Jade before that happened. He had no idea what was going to happen or what to expect, but he needed some clarity – and perhaps some closure – before he set off on the rest of his life.





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