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Labor Day Sale

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New Arrivals:

1. Chanel - Beautiful lifelike realistic TPE sex love doll

2. Milena - Blonde college girl sex doll

3. Hana - Short hair small boobs lifelike sex doll
4. Cleo - Red hair golden eyes curvy TPE sex doll
5. Scout - Big breasts white skin life size sex doll
6. Tiffany - Lifelike tan skinny sex love doll
7. Anika - Brunette premium life size sex doll
8. Nyra - Life size small breasts tan sex doll
9. Amelie - Lifelike blond sex love doll
10. Rayne - Small breasts ultra realistic sex love doll
11. Andi - Gym ultra realistic fitness sex doll
12. Teresa - Big boobs black tan sex doll
Come on and choose your favorite!!

At any time you need help, please feel free to send us an email and let us know what you want.

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