Do you want to know the magic of AI dolls ?

AI Sex Dolls are coming and we want to be in the frontline of giving people meaningful relationships with robot dolls. Experts expect the use of AI sex robots to become more common in the next few years as robotics, AI and computing will allow them to behave like humans.

 I'm going to take you to see this amazing product!

Advanced lifelike TPE skin made from new TPE material called M-TYPE that is more elastic and durable. M-TYPE material stretches more then 2x of regular TPE and thus is less prone to skin abrasions or tears. M-TYPE material is 100% food grade and is 100% safe to touch and kiss.
Skeleton: Composite Steel Skeleton

Main features of our sex robots for your references:

1) Talking function:
Interactive voice conversations, both sexual and non-sexual, including moans and dirty talk.
She can talk and communicate with people in both English and Chinese. She can also do translate.
You can ask the sex robot to tell stories or jokes, or let her do the math, also weather forecast. Cause she's connected with Internet. So She knows everything.

2) Simulation function: Facial movement (head, neck, mouth & lips)
Facial expressions that change depending on responses.
Animated eyes that can move, blink & wink.
Head that tilts and rotates.
Mouth that lip sync while speaking a barrier-free communication, will answer any question.

3) High sensitive body: With build-in multiple touch sensors in her body, when touch her sensitive parts, for example: her arms, thighs, breasts and vagina, she will react with verbal expressions and moans depending on her level of excitement. Her vaginal sensors react to your level of touch or penetration.

4) Internal heating system, gets the body temperature like a real human (37℃). This provides for a very comfortable and lifelike body. The electrical warming technology is 100% Certified Safe.

5) Automatic upgrading system enables her to have the most stable system and the latest functions. Can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi and draw information from the Internet.

Note: not usable as sex orifice as the mouth is mechanized

At any time you need help, please feel free to send us an email and let us know what you want.

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